Family Comfort

There's a story in every building and here a legend began during Prohibition.  The property use to be called Eddie's Inn.  The main floor served as the restaurant but secretly in the basement was one of New Jersey's notorious SpeakEasy.  After the 21st Amendment the restaurant became The Bears Nest  It was a local pub until Dean decided to buy and bring his vision to life.  In 1984 Peppercorns was born.
The look, feel, and atmosphere of Peppercorns exemplifies comfort.  In early 2019, I was lucky enough to acquire Dean's passion and hope to continue what he built for 35 years.  
I hope for the next 35 years we can feed our local community.  Peppercorns will stay true to its comfort atmosphere and we will add some different dishes that I am passionate about.
I hope you can join us for a dining experience or just a place to relax and enjoy yourself.  
Love! Live! Food!


TEL 201.391.2818

ADDRESS 176 Colony Avenue, Park Ridge, NJ 07656

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